Real Men Shave Their Back ... And More

Smooth is in, bushy is out. Today's real man will shave back hair, chest hair, pubic hair, and even his legs and underarms. He is secure in his manliness and shaves back unwanted hair because it looks and feels good.

As Bob Dylan said, "The times, they are a' changing" ... Or are they? Today's hottest fashion is often really nothing more than yesterday's forgotten hot trend that has been rediscovered.

Male piercing for instance. It's all the rage today, but pirates were wearing earrings centuries ago. Ditto for tattoos.

Athletes generally show more of their body in public than anyone else (except maybe perverts). When was the last time you saw a hairy back or chest at a bodybuilding contest? Athletes shave back all unwanted hair for many reasons.

They mostly remove unwanted hair because it hides their well-toned muscles. This is particularly true for bodybuilders and professional wrestlers. Posing with a hairy chest or deciding to not shave their back or legs almost guarantees losing the competition.

Swimmers need that extra competitive edge they get when they shave back, chest, arms, and legs. The fraction of a second saved due to less friction makes a good close back shave almost mandatory for world class swimmers.

Even pro football and basketball players shave back hair from areas that only recently were taboo: legs and armpits. That's right - they even shave their underarms. Check it out the next time you watch a basketball game on television.

And whatever professional athletes do is soon imitated by their fans and younger athletes. Professional athletes also like to look good on television during those after game locker room interviews. Gotta keep those fans satisfied.

Why Else Do Real Men Shave Their Bodies?

Sex! And because shaving can be an enjoyable and very sensual experience, especially with a partner. Having a partner really makes all the difference when shaving your back. You can't shave your entire back yourself any more than you can scratch it.

Besides, doesn't it feel better when someone else scratches your back?

Females have been keeping another benefit of body shaving to themselves for way too long. Silky smooth skin is sensuous for both partners. Pleasurable feelings are more intensified when rubbing your face against soft skin than against coarse hair.

Many a real man will trim or shave back his pubic hair as well. It just looks neater and cleaner and is actually good hygiene too. Less pubic hair means less bacteria and odors that could result in potentially embarrassing situations.

Just like shaving your back, a pubic hair shave is much more enjoyable when you have a helper.

A male will often shave back his pubic hair for the same reason that a female would wear a push-up bra ... It makes things look a whole lot bigger!

If you want to have a real man's back shaving experience, you need a real man's tool. A generic, boring razor just won't do the trick. You owe it to yourself to learn how a real man shaves his back.

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