Shaving Pubic Hair On A Man - Evolution At Work

What's easy to do physically but hard to do mentally? If you guessed shaving pubic hair on a man, you would be right.

Come on guys, it's just hair and it will grow back. What are you afraid of?

We're so attached to our Neanderthal side that we can't think of all of the social and health benefits of shaving our pubic hair.

Now it may be true that once upon a time - Say 10,000 years ago - It was very important for a man to have pubic hair.

That was before we invented clothes and we needed all the hair we could grow for protection against the elements. A man's pubic hair collects sweat and other body fluids and releases these odors.

Our human sense of smell was much more sensitive then and was used to find a mate. Shaving pubic hair on a man, (or woman), would have perhaps caused the human race to become extinct.

That was then, this is now. We've evolved tremendously ever since we discovered fire and moved out of caves and into our condos.

Shaving pubic hair on a man is no longer a threat to his survival ... Only to his ego.

It may actually increase his chances of finding a mate. A man looks neater when he shaves his pubic hair and it is much easier for him to keep his genital area clean.

It is no longer desirable for a man's pubic hair to have a strong odor. The exact opposite is true. Social standards have evolved as well and good hygiene is expected of everyone.

There are many practical benefits to shaving a man's pubic hair. Most men find that their pubic area is drier and cooler when they shave their pubic hair.

The warm moist pubic hair provides excellent conditions for bacteria and fungus to grow. Shaving pubic hair on a man minimizes the risk of jock itch and bad odors.

The greatest benefit for many a man shaving his pubic hair is the increased pleasure while having sex. The smooth shaved pubic area is more sensitive to sexual stimulation of any kind.

If he also shaves his penis and scrotum in addition to his pubic hair, the erotic sensations multiply exponentially. The lover of a man who shaves his pubic hair also benefits from enhanced sexual sensitivity.

Anybody out there want their penis to look larger? You don't need any exotic pills or suction pump.

Shaving a man's pubic hair can make his penis look up to 20% larger. Really.

Almost one fourth of his shaft is hidden by a man's pubic hair. Shaving his pubic hair will make a man's penis look instantly larger.

Another reason Neanderthal men didn't shave their pubic hair was because they only had primitive tools.

Modern man has developed modern tools. See for yourself the only tool designed for shaving pubic hair on a man.

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