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Hair removal is a vast subject and many books can be written on the information, which still may not be complete. The process and information for hair removal differs with age and gender as well. Therefore for easy understanding it is divided into different sections as follows:

1. Hair removal information for men
2. Hair removal information for women
3. Hair removal information for teens

Information also varies with the areas of hair removal as follows:

1. Head
2. Face
3. Arms
4. Armpits
5. Chest
6. Back
7. Genitals
8. Legs

Methods and equipments used for hair removal applied by various people are below:

1. Laser
2. Electrolysis
3. Depilatories
4. Epilators
5. Waxing
6. Sugaring
7. Threading
8. Razors and Safety Razors
9. Electric Shavers

Many people seek information about hair removal called, "Permanent Hair Removal". This so-called, "permanent hair removal", may not be very, "permanent", at all. These techniques include the following methods applied:

1. Photo-epilators
2. High Intensity Flash Lamps
3. Microwave equipment
4. Electric tweezers
5. Trans-dermal hair removers
6. X-Ray
7. Oral and applicable medicines
8. Laser treatments
9. Electrolysis

These hair removal techniques are expensive, performed only by specialists and even outright dangerous in some cases. Some of these techniques have no clinical data to prove that they are effective and safe and therefore are not allowed to be used on people in some countries.

Do research for more information.

Hair should be removed from the required areas using the easiest and the safest way. No matter which technique is applied the hair will grow again. Various techniques can only delay the growth but will not be able to make it a one-time job.

All techniques are not for all areas of hair removal. Some methods are so painful that no one will like to go under the process for hair removal from certain areas. More information will help you choose a proper method for hair removal from a desired area before going under the treatment.

Depilatories are easy to use but when they dissolve the hair, they produce a very bad smell. They also leave chemical burn marks on your skin. After a prolonged use of depilatories, your skin is left rough and de-colored. They are expensive as well.

Laser treatments, electrolysis and other so-called, "permanent", hair removal methods should only be applied by well-trained technicians because of the dangers involved in carrying out the process. These methods are painful and very expensive too.

Waxing, sugaring and threading are very messy and painful. Epilators, razors and even safety razors are also painful and give cuts and bruises and they all leave tiny openings in the skin inviting infections. Epilators should never be used in the shower because they are mostly powered by electricity.

The most recommended tools for hair removal are the battery powered shavers because they are:

Easy to use
Very safe
Ergonomic and come in all shapes
Used on all areas of the body
Easy to clean
Easy to maintain

Battery shavers for hair removal do not:

Give you cuts and bruises
Leave burn marks or discolor your skin.

And they are not messy or painful. Your skin becomes silky smooth and shiny after shaving with a good battery shaver.

You do not need to apply any aftershave lotion because there will be no cuts and bruises left on your skin. Your real graceful personality will be enhanced and your friends, relatives, kids and families will more than admire your good looks.

Need additional information about the best hair removal method?

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