Shaving Hair From The Pubic Area Is Normal

Some people think that if you do it, you'll be considered strange. Or gay. I'm talking about shaving hair from pubic areas.

Just because nobody ever told you that they shave their pubic hair, doesn't mean they don't. How do you know for sure?

When was the last time you took a peek at their genitals?

There once was a time that only porno stars or gay males would admit to shaving hair from their pubic region.

Anyone else who would own up to this was considered, "weird". But as Bob Dylan said, "The times, they are a changing".

It's really no different than anything else people do to make a fashion statement or demonstrate their individuality. Just like a new hairdo or clothes, everyone has their opinion of shaving pubic hair.

You don't need to be ashamed. Shaving pubic hair and pubic art have many definite benefits for you and your loved ones. For example, it's a good health practice.

Your pubic hair collects dirt and bacteria which may cause infection. Bacteria and germs thrive in the warm, moist genital area. Shaving pubic hair eliminates this health issue.

There's also the comfort factor. Shaving hair in the pubic region reduces the amount of heat trapped between your legs. This reduction of body heat is actually two benefits in one:

You will be much cooler and sweaty genitals are a thing of the past. No more embarrassing stains on your clothes - Or jokes about peeing in your pants.

Shaving hair on pubic areas makes genitals easier to keep clean and smelling fresh. This is important, and not just for females. Body odor of any kind can be quite embarrassing for males as well.

You look neater after trimming or shaving pubic hair. We're all concerned about our appearance and how others perceive us.

Pubic hairs peeking out of your swimsuit or shorts is disgusting and embarrassing to most people. It makes them question your self-esteem and consideration of others.

Both males and females find that their genitals are much more sensuous after shaving the hair from their pubic areas. This increased sensitivity happens because the hair actually prevents direct contact with your genitals.

After shaving hair in the pubic area, the skin becomes much more receptive to physical stimulation. Your partner will enjoy more pleasurable sensations due to your soft, sensuous skin.

Shaving hair on pubic areas is erotic in and of itself. The highly sensitive nerve endings in your pubic area are stimulated as the pubic hair is being shaved from your skin.

Many people use shaving their pubic hair as foreplay to get them excited and ready for even more sexual satisfaction. Shaving their lover's pubic hair is the ultimate erotic experience for some people.

I don't know about you, but practicing good hygiene and wanting to increase your pleasure sounds pretty normal to me.

What's not normal is using the same razor for shaving pubic hair that you use on your face or legs. That's really strange.

Come back to reality with the shaver designed especially for shaving pubic hair.

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