The Facts About Female Body Hair Removal

It never ceases to amaze me when I'm with friends and the talk turns to more intimate aspects of day to day life such as female body hair removal and I still hear about ingrown hairs, especially from shaving, being a major problem.

Females, whether it's on their armpits or pubic mound, whether it's from a wet razor or an electric shaver, apparently are still grappling with ingrown hairs from the body hair removal method of shaving.

I know females who always wear shirts with sleeves, and pants - Just to avoid shaving and getting ingrown hairs.

Pretty sad.

But I do understand.

I used to be a female who kept her hairy areas under cover and dreaded warmer months because it meant I'd have to remove hair from at least some body parts, underarms and legs, so as not to feel self conscious in public.

But then I'd have to feel self conscious about a constant rash in my armpits, on my legs, and a crop of ingrown hairs around my bikini lines.

I couldn't decide which was worse, being hairy or being red and bumpy - I just knew that I didn't feel comfortable with either condition.

And due to my problems with skin irritations, including ingrown hairs, on these other parts of my body, I couldn't/wouldn't even consider the idea of removing hair in my pubic area. No way, Jose!

No matter what I tried:

Shaving less often or more often
Every type of shaving lubricant
Shaving dry
Shaving after soaking

Every different type of razor, (disposables to the most expensive)
Different brands of regular electric shavers, (these only pulled my hair, which inflamed my skin and caused even more ingrown hairs)

Different brands of smelly depilatories, (these can burn the skin and also break hairs, which then go back under the skin and cause major inflammation and ingrown hairs)
Still - Ingrown hairs were my constant companions.

Does this sound like you?

Well, take heart - There is a real solution for all of us.

Slowly but surely, advancements have been made with hair removal products and devices for the female body. Even a few available in the general market have been better designed to at least limit skin irritations and ingrown hairs.

I'm so pleased to report that I have finally found there is an ergonomically designed electric shaver available that not only provides a clean, close and smooth shave but really backs up its guarantee not to cause skin irritations or ingrown hairs.

I no longer need to feel self conscious about the condition of my under arms, legs or bikini lines - They're wonderfully smooth and rash free, without an ingrown hair in sight - What a relief!

I've even taken the plunge and completely shaved my pubic area a time or two without any detrimental side effects - What a feeling!

So now, whenever I hear other females speak about the tortures of skin irritations and ingrown hairs from removing unwanted body hair, I tell them about my own experiences and offer my best suggestion:

Do a little research on the Internet to find out about this relatively new electric shaver designed to provide female, (and male), body hair removal quickly, easily, and most importantly, safely.

This product promises a clean, close and smooth shave even in the most sensitive areas - Without skin irritations, including dreaded ingrown hairs - And it delivers!

Then I tell them I look forward to them joining me on the beach!

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