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Here's an important formula that you don't have to be Einstein to understand. Simple squared equals smooth. It's the fundamental law of back hair removal and is based on the law of simplicity.

Simplicity is the key - Don't make things harder than they need to be. You don't need high tech lasers or painful electrolysis for back hair removal. Back in the days of Anthony and Cleopatra, simple everyday candle wax was the hair removal product of choice.

Although they were advanced enough to build the Great Pyramids, the ancient Egyptians relied on a common, simple method for removing unwanted body hair. In fact, the design of the pyramids was itself simple, only the sheer size of the construction required advanced techniques.

What did the Egyptians know that other civilizations didn't? The law of simplicity. And it is just as true and useful today as it was 4000 years ago. Simple is simply better.

Just like civilizations, solutions to common problems will continue to evolve. The law of simplicity doesn't rule out improvements - It actually encourages them. The goal is better, but still simple solutions.

Evolution Of Hair Removal

For example: Consider the evolution of simple methods of hair removal. Back before the Egyptians invented their waxing method, unwanted hair was removed by plucking. Using a simple tool that we today call tweezers, each hair was individually pulled out by the root.

Plucking was effective, but took an enormous amount of time, even for small areas such as eyebrows. Reducing the time required for hair removal was the next desired improvement and waxing was the simple solution.

Instead of pulling each hair out individually, waxing involves covering the hair to be removed with hot wax. The wax is allowed to harden and is ripped off, pulling the hairs completely out.

Since the wax could be spread over many hairs, the time for complete hair removal was tremendously reduced. Pulling hairs out by the roots is painful, whether it's done one at a time or by the dozen.

It didn't take long for people to realize that plucking was not a permanent method of hair removal. Why cause yourself unnecessary pain on a regular basis? There had to be a better way. So the next desired improvement was pain reduction.

The simple solution? Shaving. It remains to this day the safest, least painful method of hair removal. And the most popular. Every day millions of men and women of all ages and cultures shave unwanted hair from their face, legs, armpits, back, and pubic areas.

Shaving is also being improved according to the law of simplicity. Shells and stones, straight razor, safety razor. The personal shaver continues the evolution of shaving and hair removal.

Back to simple squared equals smooth. If you start with a simple hair removal method and make simple improvements - simple times simple equals simple squared ... The result is smooth skin.

There is not a simpler way to remove hair from your back, or any other part of your body, than by shaving. Razors have evolved again. Don't remain in the Stone Age, you owe it to yourself to experience the latest in shaving evolution.

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