Female Pubic Hair Shaving Step By Step

Your partner has been asking you - No, literally begging you to do it. There's something about female pubic hair shaving that makes a female's lover go crazy.

For some, it's that extra smooth skin. For others, they just love the way it looks. The benefits are even better for the female who shaves her pubic hair.

Without her pubic hair to cover everything up, a female who shaves her pubic hair becomes more aware of her genitals and sexuality. That's great for her and for her lover as well.

General Tips For Female Pubic Hair Shaving

Before you actually get started, keep these tips in mind. Female pubic hair shaving has some special considerations that don't affect males.

Don't shave in the morning, especially right after you wake up. Your tissues retain fluids overnight and the skin in your pubic area may be a little puffy.

You will get a smoother, closer shave if your skin is not bloated. If you must do your pubic hair shaving in the mornings, please wait at least 30 minutes after waking up.

Evenings are the ideal time for females to shave their pubic hair. You don't need to get in a hurry and cut yourself just so you won't be late for work or school.

Wear loose fitting clothes after shaving your pubic hair. Your skin will be sensitive, especially the first couple of times.

You don't need to have any tight fitting clothes unnecessarily rubbing against your freshly shaved pubic area.

Now that we've got those general tips out of the way, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Okay ladies, here it is, by the numbers:

Female Pubic Hair Shaving Step By Step

1. Trim the pubic hairs short, using scissors or a body hair trimmer

2. Take a warm shower or bath to open your pores and to moisturize your pubic hair

It will also help you relax and enjoy your pubic hair shaving experience.

3. Spread a generous amount of moisturizing shave cream or lotion wherever you will be shaving pubic hair

Leave it on for 3-5 minutes before you shave to moisturize your skin and pubic hair.

4. Use a new, sharp blade

This is absolutely not the place to be cheap. Do this every single time, no exceptions. Make sure you have another new blade available in case it becomes dull.

5. Stretch the skin tight with one hand and use slow, long strokes to remove your pubic hair

Females find shaving pubic hair in the direction that it grows is much easier. Be gentle, especially if it's your first time. (Where did I hear that advice before?)

6. Females shaving their pubic hair in the opposite direction get the closest shave possible.

If you want an extra soft and smooth pubic area, try this tip.

There you have it - Six tips for a perfect female pubic hair shave. Once you have the basics down, you may be interested in the advanced course.

Learn how to reduce your pubic hair shaving time to mere minutes and get the closest, safest pubic shave possible, without a razor.

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