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Everybody, man or woman, needs to remove hair from some part of their body at one time or another. It is a question of hair removal options and a question of where, how much and when to remove this hair.

As a male it can be your first shave; you can try out a bit of experimenting on different parts of your body - usually with interesting results if not downright embarrassing ones.At other times you may want to eliminate hair form your intimate zones, from your head or your back. You will also very probably reach an age when the hair on your head thins out (if your lucky it only thins out, sometimes it just simply disappears), and then seems to reappear in strange and wonderful places: coming out of your ears, your nostrils, your back.

There soon comes a time when you get fed up with pulling them out so you have to make a choice. Do you find a different hair removal method, or do you just simply ignore those tufts of hair sticking out.

As a woman, where 92% of females in the US remove hair at regular intervals, typically you will remove hair from under your arms, along your legs, your bikini line. Perhaps a subtle hint of whiskers or a slight shadow over your lips.
The odds are that you currently do remove hair form some part, it not all, of your body.

The reason you do this is because you want to look good and you want to feel good. And as women are usually smarter than men, you will never consider pulling out hair from your legs or armpits and you won't allow hair to come out of your ears either. You will perhaps pluck your eyebrows carefully as well as those stray hairs that sometimes appear on your face.
We all have additional reasons for removing hair, be it facial hair, full body hair removal or partial hair removal. Our reasons can be hygienic, aesthetic, trends, individual or partner preferences. At the end of the day it is because you want to look and feel the best way you can. And so you should.

So you do remove hair from somewhere.


For men, this will certainly be facial hair. It can be pubic hair, it can be back hair, behind the neck, the ears and nose, the scalp and as many do nowadays, your whole body.
Women on the other hand will usually remove hair from their legs, from under their arms, the bikini line and a partial or complete pubic hair elimination.

How much?

It depends from where, but more than anything else, how you want to look and who will see it. It's up to you.


The when depends on where you are having the hair removed. Hair growth speed varies depending on the type of hair removed, where its located and others including your skin's reaction to the particular method you are using. It also depends on the hair removal method you apply.

Hair removal options?

There are basically seven hair removal options although this classification can be extended with variations individual methods. I have divided them into the "do it yourself", the "get an expert" to do it for you, and my favorite the eighth, the "do it yourself and be an expert".

The "do it yourself" has the advantage of speed, cost, easiness and as you develop your expertise -a very simple process- quality. All the do it yourself methods can also be done by an expert.

The "get an expert" has a wider range of aspects affecting cost (who, how, where), time involved (some can go into hours, others into minutes), pain (your own pain resistance, the expertise of the professional and the actual method), quality (again method, expertise and so on).

The "do it yourself and be an expert" is the best of both worlds.

Do it yourself:

1. Shaving, both electrical or with a blade. The most common, the most widely used, the cheapest. As for the electrical shave it does depend on the actual shaver you use. I have to admit I am biased here as this is what I use, the one I feel most comfortable with on a daily basis. The one with the least horror stories, the simplest, with the best results.

2. The wax method. Wet or cold. The wax is spread evenly over the designated area, allowed to dry and then it is ripped off. The hair is pulled out from the roots. You may also hear of the Brazilian waxing or the Hollywood waxing methods. These must be done by professionals and both refer to genital hair removal (Brazilian is partial hair removal, Hollywood is full hair removal).

3. Sugaring. The process is similar to waxing. The differences are that the ingredients are totally natural, the warmed sugar mixture adheres to the hair, not the hair and skin. It has to be warmed up, applied over the designated area, and then pulled of.

4. Plucking. Used widely over eyebrows. Get a good pair of tweezers, pick the individual hair, and pull in the direction of the hair growth. Works best after a bath when the skin is still warm and the pores are open.

5. Depilatories: A cream or liquid that has acid chemicals that react with the protein structure of the hair breaking it down. After ten to fifteen minutes, when it has turned into a jelly like mass, you wipe it away.

"Get an expert":

6. Electrolysis. Applying an electrical current, through a needle, to the hair, destroying the hair follicle. You definitely need an expert. The resulting pain depends on your level of sensitivity so that it can be found similar to plucking hair, and upwards.

7.Laser. A beam of light is sent through the skin to the hair follicle, and as the light is absorbed the heat is transferred to the hair. One of the main differences with electrolysis, is that the laser beam is sent to a whole area and not hair by hair. Dark hair and light skin give the best results as the light is attracted to the darker areas. This also means that dark hair over dark skin, or light hair over light skin send conflicting messages to the light being beamed and the absorption process spreads out.

"Do it yourself and be an expert".

This one is so simple and neat that I have reduced it to one option, my recommended option.

8. The electric shaver. A great alternative and you can find all the information you will need at

Hair removal is a question of choice and it should be simple, as painless as possible and easily available. To feel good, to look good, and perhaps to have fun while doing so.

Why? You want to feel and look good.

You can choose the "do it yourself", the "get an expert" and for best choice, "do it yourself and become an expert".

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