Hair Removal Products - The Miracle Of Chance Encounters

The following is a story about how hair removal products play a part in securing relationships.

She was sitting on the lawn with her legs bent and her knees tucked below her chin.

My eyes were immediately drawn towards her - A bright and at the same time soft light, seemed to surround her. Her hair the color of golden corn, flowed gently across her face.

Was she a product of my imagination? I removed that thought from my mind.

I hesitated and in slow motion reduced my walk until I stopped thirty feet away.

She was absorbed in her thoughts while resting her chin between her hands, just above her knees.

I found her enchanting and couldn't tear my eyes away from her, until I realized I had stopped inhaling. I took a deep breath and felt the air rushing into my lungs as slowly the sounds from the park resurfaced.

I could hear the stream that passed nearby as well as the distant songs of birds mingling amongst the rustling leaves above.

For a moment I found myself lost in this gentle world of sound that enveloped the image that had been etched in my mind forever.

With a start I realized she was looking at me. I slowly felt myself being mesmerized by her brown eyes reflecting the colors of this wooded park.

For a while I just stared, not realizing she was smiling at me. It was I who lowered my eyes - She looked so soft, the embodiment of health and beauty - As an assurance of strength belied her apparent frailty.

She beckoned, and I, with hesitant steps, went towards her.

Our eyes never broke contact as with a smile she held her hand out. It was a firm handshake yet different from the almost manly styles some women have adopted.

She said something, her name I guess, although I am sure my trance like state prevented me from hearing anything but the rush of blood flowing through my head.

I sat beside her. She smiled; she kept on smiling.

She then looked away toward the tress surrounding us, and I immediately felt, with regret, as if I had been released - My will was my own, I could move and think of my own accord again.

I looked at her with a more detached perspective and allowed my eyes to wander over her.

With a shock I realized I was again looking at her face, and she at mine. But something had tragically changed. What had been a picture of beauty and serenity had now been destroyed as her face began to crumble and tears rush down her cheeks.

She snatched her hand back, and in a trembling voice said, "How could you?!", as she rose and took a few steps away.

I was completely dazed. I would never have imagined this. For a moment I allowed a feeling of despair to engulf me.

And then I realized I had a choice. I could let her go or I could assume command of the situation.

I got to my feet - "Wait! Please ..."

She turned around and looked at me, a semblance of hope reappeared on her face.

"You could shave your legs, you know.", I said, gallantly.

I was surprised by the slap on my face - After all, I thought I had been the perfect gentleman.

She is sitting on the lawn with her legs, smooth and tanned, bent and her knees below her chin.

She is now my wife and also the proud owner of one of the best hair removal products available.

Isn't it wonderful to be able to recognize the miracles of chance encounters, such as our meeting and that which brought us our electric shaver ...

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