Unwanted Hair Removal Home Remedy For The Whole Family

Every family knows that you don't always need to go to the doctor or other professional when you have health issues. The preferred solution, even for unwanted hair removal: home remedy.

Think about it - How often do you take an aspirin or a tablespoon of cough medicine? Maybe you're even lucky enough to know Granny's secret home remedy. Unwanted hair removal really isn't any different.

Excessive and unwanted body hair is usually caused by heredity or hormones. A few really hairy people get a double dose of hormones and genes. Both of these causes can be safely managed by professionals or you can do it yourself at home.

The most commonly accepted successful methods of excessive body hair removal are electrolysis, laser hair removal, waxing, (pulling the hairs out by the roots), depilatory creams that dissolve the hair, and shaving.

Electrolysis and laser treatments should only be done by licensed, certified professionals and are not considered a home remedy for unwanted hair removal.

You can purchase home electrolysis kits, but using them is not recommended. Electrolysis requires sticking a needle directly into the hair root and destroying it with an electric charge. Results from using these kits can be unpredictable and there is always the risk of scarring and infection from improper use.

What Is The Best Unwanted Hair Removal Home Remedy?

Waxing, depilatory creams, and shaving are the only really practical options for do it yourself hair removal. You don't need any special hair removal certification or expensive high tech equipment to perform any of these hair removal remedies in the comfort of your own home.

Waxing is one of the oldest hair removal remedies used by Humans and can be done at a beauty salon or at home. Hot wax is spread evenly on the skin and allowed to harden. Then the hairs are pulled out by the roots. The skin may become red and irritated and you will experience some pain.

Depilatory creams dissolve unwanted body hair above the skin. These creams may cause skin irritations and burns, especially on sensitive skin. Be sure to test these creams first on a small area of non-sensitive skin.

Using depilatories on your genitals is highly discouraged. Depilatories are the least environmentally friendly hair removal products.

Shaving is the least expensive, safest, and most comfortable unwanted hair removal remedy that exists. Plus it is convenient for removing any unwanted hair anywhere on your body.

Whether you have unwanted facial hair, excessive pubic hair, or undesirable hair on your back, shaving is the perfect do it yourself hair removal home remedy.

The Family That Shaves Together Stays Together

Since unwanted body hair is often hereditary, it makes sense that an entire family could have the same unwanted facial hair or back hair, for example. Some teens experience unwanted hair growth due to temporary changes in hormones during puberty and others just because of their parents.

We teach our sons how to shave their face and we also teach our daughters how to shave their legs and underarms. Showing them how to remove back hair or teaching them to trim excessive pubic hair is really no different than teaching them to shave their face or legs.

Embarrassment is a serious thing, especially for teenagers. Imagine how much daily teasing and embarrassment your child will avoid when showering after gym class - Simply by knowing how to comfortably remove unwanted body hair from their buttocks.

Their life is stressful enough just worrying about fitting in and dealing with their changing bodies. They don't need any unnecessary teasing.

Learning to easily remove their unwanted body hair with an at home remedy will go a long way in eliminating embarrassment and increasing their self-esteem.

Of course, teens aren't the only ones who need an unwanted hair removal home remedy.

Adults face many of the same potentially embarrassing social situations ... And a few more that, (hopefully), the kids don't. You always want to look neat and clean for those romantic and intimate moments with your partner or lover.

If you're looking for the ultimate do it yourself home remedy for the removal of unwanted body hair, you should be looking for a shaver. Not a straight razor or the usual wet safety razor. And especially not the standard rotary electric razor.

See the personal shaver that's gentle enough for a woman's intimates and strong enough for a man's beard.

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