Ultimate Guide For Shaving Pubic Hair

You have one for your car. You have one for your washing machine. You also
need a guide for shaving pubic hair.

You may have a general idea of how to do it, but to get the perfect pubic
hair shave, you need the perfect guide.

You need a pubic shaver's user manual.

A guide that shows you step by step, exactly how to shave your pubic hair.
Things you should do and things you should not do.

You wouldn't do routine maintenance on your car before you knew exactly which
filter and type of oil to use.

Maintaining your neat appearance is really no different. You need to have the
right tools and follow the proper procedures to get optimal results.

The How To Guide For Shaving Pubic Hair

This guide is for both males and females. The tips and techniques here are
the same whether your plumbing is on the inside or the outside.

Safety Tips

Follow these general safety tips before shaving your pubic hair for a safe,
smooth, and pleasurable experience.

Don't shave immediately after waking up. Your body retains fluids overnight
and the skin in your pubic area may be slightly swollen.

Shaving pubic hair is much easier and safer when your skin is tight and flat.
This also minimizes the chance of getting ingrown hairs.

Don't even dream about shaving your pubic hair if you're not fully awake and
sober. You will almost certainly have an accident.

Sit on the toilet or the edge of your bathtub when shaving your pubic hair.
This will minimize the chance of slipping or losing your balance.

Preparation Tips

This guide for shaving pubic hair would not be complete without first letting
you know what items you need for a great pubic shave.

Proper preparation of your pubic hair before shaving is critical for a
perfect shave.

Your first step is to trim the pubic hairs relatively short with scissors or
a body hair trimmer. This minimizes dulling your razor blade and makes shaving
pubic hair much faster and easier.

Next, take a warm bath or shower to moisturize your pubic hair and to open
the pores of your skin. Shaving pubic hair is easier when it is moist.

Apply a generous amount of moisturizing shave cream or gel. Leave it on for
3-5 minutes before you shave.

This will ensure that your skin is well moisturized and prevent razor burn.

Most Important Preparation Tip

Put a new blade in your razor!

Remember to do this every single time. Make sure you have another new blade
ready if you plan on shaving your inner thighs as well.

Shaving Tips

Stretch the skin tight with one hand. The secret to a smooth shave is to use
slow, long strokes to remove your pubic hair.

Shaving your pubic hair in the direction that it grows is faster. If you want
an extra smooth pubic hair shave, you can use a different technique.

Shaving your pubic hair in the opposite direction to pubic hair growth will
give you the closest shave possible.

After Shaving Your Pubic Hair

This is the last section in your guide for shaving pubic hair. After you have
finished shaving, you need to condition your skin.

Wash off any remaining shaving cream with warm water and then rinse the
entire shaved pubic area with cold water to tighten up the skin.

Dry your genitals by patting them with a towel, not by rubbing.

To soothe your skin, use a talc-free powder or an astringent like witch

Alcohol based after shave lotions will only sting your skin and will not
provide any real benefit to your skin.

You now have all the information you need for shaving pubic hair easily and

Did you know that there is a tool especially designed for shaving pubic hair?

See why satisfied pubic hair shavers never use a razor to shave their pubic

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