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Males and females seldom have the same beauty concerns. One noticeable exception is the removal of unwanted facial hair. Whether it's because of social or cultural customs or purely a matter of personal taste ... Men and women, boys and girls worldwide choose to get rid of facial hair.

Beginning at puberty, a male will start to grow hair on his face. The first sign is when fine, light colored hairs, "peach fuzz", begin to appear on the chin and upper lip. Barely noticeable.

The hairs slowly grow darker and thicker, until he can finally say: "Hooray! I'm not a boy any longer, I'm a man. What a great feeling to begin to look like an adult."

As cool as it may be to have grown that first mustache, the reality soon sets in. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. It's time to learn that social rules require removal of unwanted facial hair.

"Unwanted facial hair? Dad, what are you talking about? I've been waiting anxiously to become a man and now you're telling me that I have to get rid of the very thing that proves that I am."

That's when you learn the art of shaving, the most common method that males use for removing unwanted facial hair.

Some females occasionally begin to grow facial hair during puberty as well. Needless to say, they aren't overjoyed like the males are. Removal of unwanted facial hair for them is priority number one.

Some women will begin to grow facial hair much later in life, long after puberty has come and gone. The cause of this unwanted facial hair is usually a hormone imbalance or heredity.

Even more so than for teenage girls, removal of unwanted facial hair is a high priority for adult women. Females usually don't shave their face because their skin is too sensitive for a razor.

Not to mention that a five o'clock shadow is not fashionable for women.

Facial Hair Removal Options

Waxing works on the same principle as removing unwanted facial hair with a pair of tweezers. You can have waxing done at a beauty salon or you can do it yourself.

Hot wax is spread over the facial hair and allowed to harden. The hairs are then pulled out by the roots. Your skin may become irritated and you will experience moderate pain.

Electrolysis requires a licensed electrologist for removal of unwanted facial hair. This professional will stick a needle directly into the hair follicle and then apply an electric current.

The electric charge destroys the hair at the root so that new hair will not grow back. This method is the most permanent, most expensive, and the most painful way to remove unwanted facial hair.

Depilatory creams dissolve unwanted body hair above the skin. Be sure to test depilatories first on a small area of non-sensitive skin. These creams may cause skin irritations and burns, especially on sensitive skin like the face and genital areas.

Shaving is the least expensive, safest, and most comfortable unwanted facial hair removal method that exists. The best way to shave is not with a wet razor, but with a personal shaver. A personal shaver is not the same as an electric razor.

A personal shaver has no rotating blades or any other exposed sharp surface. No nicks, cuts, scrapes, or razor burn because there is nothing to cause these problems. It is tough enough for a man's beard and gentle enough for a woman's skin.

Learn why many females as well as males have traded their wet razor for a personal shaver.

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