Full Body Shave To A Bare Minimum

As I sit at my desk, I can see, as we have an open office, the amount of people who appear to have given themselves a full body shave.

I say appear, as I have to guess about certain body areas.

We are going through a heat wave, so my colleagues and people in general are using very light clothing. Light from the point of view of not heavy, as well as a lesser amount of clothes.

I, myself, am wearing light clothing, on both counts.

There is one person, who shall remain anonymous, a coworker, who last winter was extremely hairy. Although he is going slightly bald, whenever he shook hands you noticed hair all over the place. He used to shave right down his neck to the top of his chest, and then great mats of hair peered over his collar.

This morning he arrived without any hair on his head. As today is casual Friday, he is wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. His arms are whiter than ever, as are his legs.

Not a hair in sight.

He has been the center of attention all morning, both amongst the women and the men.

The conversation, between and during coffee breaks, has centered round full body shaves.

A few of us are going to the beach tomorrow and we have decided as a group to remove all the hair from our bodies.

The girls seem to be the experts in this subject: they apparently have some practice in body hair removal - almost continuos practice. Thankfully ... as I remember one summer in France when I was with a couple of attractive French girls who turned into a great disappointment when I saw their hairy armpits.

I realize as I hear the conversation around me that most men and women live in completely different worlds and speak different languages.

With the exception of my anonymous friend, the terminology used by the girls is way beyond my understanding.

The words sound right, but the context escapes us. Occasionally when we hear the word shave, we men wake up for a few seconds, but when words like wax, lasers and even electrolysis are used, we are not sure if we are in a doctors convention or whether we are talking to aliens from another world.

Very pretty aliens, and I must admit the curiosity factor makes us want to fraternize with them.

Four of us men got together to try and decipher our next move.

One thing was easily apparent, we didn't want to miss out on this experience.

We decided very quickly to ignore any method that used words we didn't understand.

That meant we still had to decide upon the "understandable" method for body hair removal that we would use.

We had only two options. We would either shave or we would shave.

No third option for us.

- Shave Option 1: the traditional method with foam and razor

- Shave Option 2: using an electrical shaver, and quite a bit of trimming over longer hair.

At this stage my anonymous friend quite naturally became our coach.

Our instructions were to use an electric shaver that night, before our beach excursion. He referred us to ... but lent us his electric trimmer and shaver. We were to "group shave".

The second set of instructions included a great amount of sun blocker for the next day.

I am looking forward to the beach tomorrow, specially as we will all be down to our "bare" minimum. I trust we survive the group hair removal exercise.

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