Shaving Your Pubic Hair Is The Next Phase Of Human Evolution

Double your pleasure, double your fun ... No, not with chewing gum. Shaving your pubic hair will add excitement to your romantic escapades. Really, it is more enjoyable when you do it with a partner.

Why would you want to shave your pubic hair anyway? Lots of reasons. Good hygiene, social acceptance, and more enjoyable sexual encounters.

Let's start with pleasure. Did you know that your pubic hair actually reduces your sexual sensitivity? You're not alone.

That's something they never taught you in school. You didn't learn it from your parents either.

Think about it this way. Humans have continuously evolved over thousands of years and we still have things that we don't need or that aren't required for our survival.

Toenails. What purpose do they serve? There was a time eons ago when our toenails grew longer and were used to help us climb trees. That was back when we needed to escape from a charging woolly mammoth.

When did we ever need our appendix? Who knows, but we all have one.

Your pubic hair is somewhere in between your toenails and appendix, in terms of having evolved out of its original purpose.

Shaving your pubic hair during the Neanderthal Era would have had some major consequences.

Sweat and other fluids collect in your pubic hair and give off distinct odors. In prehistoric times, this was a very good thing.

Our human sense of smell was more sensitive then and the scents trapped in your pubic hair were beneficial to finding sexual partners.

Today, we use different methods to find sexual partners and these strong odors are actually a deterrent.

We also know that bacteria and germs thrive in the warm, moist genital area. Shaving your pubic hair eliminates this health issue.

You also look neater when you trim or shave your pubic hair. We humans use visual attractiveness as a major factor when becoming sexually aroused.

Plus, we have social standards. Most people get embarrassed when they see your pubic hairs sticking out of your swimsuit at the beach.

Enhanced sexual experience is the number one benefit of shaving your pubic hair. Both male and female genital areas are much more sensitive when their pubic hair is removed.

This is because the hair actually prevents direct contact with your genitals. When you shave your pubic hair, the skin becomes much more receptive to physical stimulation.

The nerve endings are no longer covered by your pubic hair and are highly sensual. The slightest caress sends waves of ecstasy throughout your body.

The shaving of your pubic hair itself is erotic and sensuous as well. Those same sensitive nerve endings are stimulated as the pubic hair is being shaved from your skin.

The resulting smooth hairless skin is soft and pleasurable for your partner.

Many people find that shaving their pubic hair is enjoyable foreplay that gets them excited and ready for further sexual activities. Shaving their partner's pubic hair is even more satisfying for some.

Our tools have evolved along with us. No more scraping hairs off with a sharpened rock or even a razor.

It's the 21st Century already, you need the most highly evolved pubic hair shaving tool there is.

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