Permanent Body Hair Removal - Women, Let's Explore Electrolysis

Don't you sometimes just get sick and tired of all the long, drawn out methods of hair removal for women that need to be repeated sometimes as often as everyday?

And then there are the decisions you have to make: What type of razor for which type of hair? Some recommend this type for that part of the body and others recommend another type for a different part of the body. It can get so expensive.

Next decision is the shaving cream or maybe no shaving cream. Maybe it should be a dry electric razor or maybe that's too harsh so I should go back to using shaving cream and water. OK back to wet shaving. So should it be hot water or warm water or maybe its cold water? I just wish I could keep it all straight.

Well maybe it's best to just use waxing. Hair removal for women using wax surely must be easier don't you think? Why there is no need for razors or even shaving cream.

So what does a woman need for waxing? A little wax, some cloth and something for the sting. Sounds easy enough even for me. But wait a minute what type of wax should be used and is it supposed to be hot, or is it warm or perhaps it's supposed to be cold? Gosh I can't decide on that either.

How long does the wax stay on and what type of cloth should be used? Is it going to hurt and if so, what can be done about the pain? Maybe it's best to just pay and have some one else do it, but that can get expensive since it needs to be done every few weeks.

Do you get the picture? Decisions, decisions, so many decisions to make.

Oh to be hair free in those really important places like stray eyebrow, upper lips, bikini lines, armpits and even those hairy legs. Maybe it's even a good idea to permanently remove all of those pain in the you know what pubic hairs.

Yes, I almost forgot about those hairs on the toes, chin and the unspeakable ones on the breasts. Just get rid of them all, I say.

Well maybe I'm getting a little carried away here, but I really have dreamed about never having to deal with hair removal ever again. Have you ever had this same dream? I'll bet you have.

This is when my mind begins to wander to thoughts about electrolysis.

Have you ever thought about having electrolysis done for permanent hair removal? I have and I think it's about time to take a serious look at this permanent method of hair removal for women instead of just dreaming. I mean how bad can it be and it's permanent.

What do you think? Wouldn't you like to know more about electrolysis and find out if it's all it's cracked up to be? OK, so let take a look at this form of hair removal right here, right now.

So, in reading about electrolysis they say the technician will take a tiny thin wire and place it next to the hair and then push this wire down into the hair follicle all the way down to the root. (OUCH!) This will be done for each and every hair that is to be removed!

I'm starting to cringe already. But maybe it's just me. I am a bit squeamish.

You know, electrolysis for hair removal has been around for over a hundred years.
Next, the technician will turn on electricity in the wire to burn the hair and the root. Talk about pain, I'm not sure I can continue from here.

Did you read that? They will poke you with an electric current and burn the root of each and every hair. That means how many times? Did you ever try to count the number of hairs in the way of your bikini alone?

Of course if you don't even wear a bikini then who cares but for even any small part of your body this could take weekly half hour sessions for several months, maybe even a whole year! So at an average rate of $50-$100 an hour, this could get quite expensive not to mention painful and time consuming.

Gosh, for all the body parts I mentioned earlier, I would be doing this for the rest of my life.

Some say there is even a chance you could get an electric shock. I can't imagine how that could happen, I mean they are only poking you with an electric wire dozens of times in one session alone.

Last but not least, are the warnings about swelling, redness, burning and even in some cases, scarring. And let's not forget the fact that it can even discolor your skin. Now that's great. You no longer have hair but now you have scarring or discolored skin and you can't even cover it up with hair. They always leave the best part for last you know.

OK, so now that we have taken a good look at electrolysis as a permanent hair removal for women, I don't think shaving looks so bad after all. In fact I don't think I will ever have that old dream about permanent hair removal with electrolysis ever again. What about you?

Besides, there really is a good product on the market already and it will make all the decisions for you. I'm serious this time. (I have been known to be serious, really!) It's quick, simple to use, anyone can use, (even me), it works on all parts of the body and the best part is that it's inexpensive.

See I told you they always save the best part for last.

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