Unwanted Body Hair Removal From The Buttocks Fast And Painless

Imagine how carefree your life could be. No more embarrassment from wearing your swimsuit or shorts in public. No one calling you, "monkey butt", ever again. No more worries - Simply by knowing how to comfortably remove unwanted body hair from your buttocks.

It may be embarrassing, but having body hair on your buttocks is nothing to be ashamed of. Just like the color of your eyes and the size of your nose, whether you have a hairy butt is mostly determined by heredity.

You certainly didn't ask for this birthday present, and no one is going to get upset if you decide to exchange it for something better. Like a soft, smooth, hairless butt.

It really is easy to do. Just don't be self-conscious about it and you'll be well on your way to a smooth posterior.

So - how do you remove unwanted body hair from your buttocks?

That depends on how much hair you actually have on your buttocks. Is it all over, or just in a few small areas? Is it light and fine, or dark and coarse?

Another thing to think about is whether you want to remove that unwanted buttocks hair yourself or let a professional do it. Again, this is a personal choice that depends on several factors.

The number one factor for most people is how painful a particular method is. Some of us have a higher tolerance than others. Another practical factor is cost.

We may say that it doesn't matter, but if we're honest with ourselves we know it does.

Hair Removal Methods That Require A Professional

Electrolysis should only be done by a certified and licensed hair removal professional. This method of removing unwanted body hair requires specialized equipment and extreme skill to be effective.

Although electrolysis is very successful for removing hair from your buttocks, (or anywhere else), it is unfortunately the most painful option.

The electrologist must insert a sharp needle under your skin, directly onto the hair root. The needle is connected to a device that sends an electric current through the needle to burn the hair follicle.

The follicle is destroyed by the heat generated and usually will not produce new hair.
To completely remove all unwanted body hair from your buttocks by electrolysis will require several painful sessions. This is because each hair must be individually destroyed.

A licensed professional is also required if you choose to use a special laser to remove the unwanted body hair from your buttocks.

Laser hair removal is similar to electrolysis except that a highly focused laser beam directs energy into the hair follicle to destroy it. Laser treatment is not as painful as electrolysis, but it is not painless.

You will also need several treatments to completely remove unwanted body hair from your buttocks, but not nearly as many as with electrolysis.

Other Methods Of Removing Body Hair From Your Buttocks

Waxing is a popular method for getting rid of unwanted body hair and can be safely used on most parts of your body. You can have your buttocks hair waxed at a beauty salon or you can do it yourself.

A layer of hot wax is placed on the body hair you want to remove and allowed to harden. You then quickly rip the wax off of your skin.

The wax pulls the hairs out by the roots, similar to plucking them out with a pair of tweezers.

Waxing results in a sharp pain when the hair is yanked out and your buttocks may be sensitive and irritated for several days after it is done.

Use an astringent like witch hazel to soothe the skin and minimize infection.

Unwanted body hair removal from your buttocks can be completed in less than two hours if waxed at a beauty salon. If you do it at home, it will probably take much longer.

Using a personal shaver to remove unwanted body hair is growing in popularity, and for good reason. You shave the hair from your buttocks, similar to shaving your face, legs, or underarms.

The tremendous advantage of a personal shaver is that it is not a razor.

It has no exposed sharp blades to cut your skin or give you razor burn. These specialized devices were designed specifically to remove unwanted body hair from your buttocks and other sensitive areas.

A personal shaver can remove that unwanted body hair from your buttocks in about 15 minutes.

See why many dedicated waxers traded in their waxing kit for a personal shaver and reduced their hair removal time from hours to only minutes.

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