Easy Hair Removal - Joking Aside

"Well pull it out. No, I am only joking - well half joking anyway".

That is what I said to my girlfriend when she asked me for advice on easy hair removal.

"It all depends ..."

It all depends on the amount of hair anyone wants to remove. It also depends on where it is growing. But mostly it depends on why she asked.

She has a beauty spot on her cheek and a couple of hairs grow from their. She always uses a pair of tweezers to pluck them. I have seen her at it and she is extremely competent.

She stands in front of the mirror, leans towards it and twists her face by placing her chin sideways; then she pushes her cheek out with the tip of her tongue.

She won't allow me to photograph her yet, but I'll catch her unawares one of these days.

When we first met and I caught her at it, she explained that it was dangerous to shave or even use any other method besides plucking, as she could injure it and there was a risk of cancerous growth.

I have always found beauty attractive and hers specially cute. Then a couple of months ago I met her step sister who must be at least thirty years older.

I now realize why beauty spots are also known as moles. Something straight out of a fairy tale that you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

When she asked for my advice on an easy hair removal method, apart from my quick come back, I was very surprised - she is most certainly the expert in that department.

That is why my second answer "It depends..." was much more cautious.

It depends on where and how much. It most certainly depends on what she was thinking when she asked.

As you can see I am becoming very diplomatic as I mature.

It turns out she was fed up with the occasional rashes she gets under her arms, and toying with the idea of removing her pubic hair. This was interesting as I had abandoned this subject a couple of months earlier.

Every morning she watches as I shave, to admire my dexterity I am sure. So here she was trying to get me to tell her about my electric shaver.

There are somethings a man will not do and one of them is to lend his electric shaver. Besides she has managed to get her nice little hands in just about everything I own.

By the way, that is known as sharing. When I pick up some of her things, that is known as stupid.

What I liked was the way she phrased her question; apart from the fact she seemed to be actually interested in my opinion, she obviously realized that her best option was an electric shaver.

"What would you recommend as an easy hair removal method?". (She actually said - didn't ask - "Pass me that thing", but it sounds better the other way).

An electric shaver is quick, it is easy to use, you can take it with you anywhere (it is battery operated), there is no need for additional tools or lotions and things, and it provides a smooth finish.

At the end of the day I can say in all honesty that my girlfriend now use everything of mine, with no exceptions. I am still stupid when ever I borrow anything, but I believe I got the better bargain.

I have to admit the uses she makes out of my electric shaver are both very interesting and very entertaining.

I am not sure yet if I will buy her one from ..., as I am enjoying the performance far too much.

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