Best Female Techniques For Pleasurable Pubic Hair Removal

There are a few techniques females need to know so they can have a pleasurable pubic hair removal experience. Our genitals are different from a male's and need special attention to have it done right.

We'll discuss some general tips and then specific female techniques for pubic hair removal.

General Pubic Hair Removal Tips

Don't shave when you first wake up. Your body collects fluids as you sleep and the skin around your pubic mound may be slightly swollen.

Wait at least 30 minutes to allow these fluids to redistribute throughout your body.
Sit on the toilet or the edge of your bathtub when removing your pubic hair. This will minimize the chance of slipping or losing your balance.

It will also be much easier and safer when shaving those hard to see areas.
Don't even think about shaving your pubic hair unless you're fully awake and sober. You need full concentration and awareness to prevent accidents.

Female Pubic Hair Removal Techniques

Trimming your pubic hair short with scissors before shaving makes female pubic hair removal much easier and safer. Take a warm shower or bath to open your pores and to moisturize your pubic hair.

Female pubic hair is less likely to get caught in the razor blade when it is full and moist.
Use a generous amount of moisturizing shave cream or lotion wherever you will be removing pubic hair.

Leave it on for 3-5 minutes before you shave to moisturize your skin and pubic hair.

Use a new, sharp blade every time. A dull razor will not cut hair, only your skin. Keep an extra new blade available in case your razor gets dull.

Stretch the skin tight with one hand and use slow, long strokes to remove your pubic hair. Females find shaving pubic hair in the direction that it grows is much easier.

Start by removing the hair on your pubic mound first. Then move on to your outer labia, (lips). Be careful not to get any shave cream inside. Finally, remove any pubic hair on your inner thighs.

For an extra soft and smooth pubic area, females should use this technique for pubic hair removal. Shave the pubic hair opposite to the direction it grows.

This allows you to remove more of the pubic hair shaft, resulting in a closer, smoother shave.

Techniques For Comfort After Removing Female Pubic Hair

Wash off any excess shave cream with warm water. Then rinse your entire pubic area with cold water to help close your pores and tighten the skin.

Pat your pubic area dry instead of rubbing with a towel. This prevents unnecessary skin irritation.

Use an astringent like witch hazel to soothe your skin. Do not use alcohol based after shave lotions. These will only sting your skin and do not provide any real benefit. Condition your skin with a moisturizing lotion to keep it smooth and soft.

Be aware of the type of clothes you wear after removing your pubic hair. The skin will be a little more sensitive than normal, especially the first couple of times.

Wear loose fitting clothes after shaving your pubic hair. You don't want to have any tight clothes unnecessarily rubbing against your freshly shaved pubic area.

This includes your underwear. If possible, wear tap pants or boxer shorts instead of panties.

These techniques give you all you need to know about how female pubic hair removal should be done. Most females still use a razor to shave their pubic hair.

Learn what many women know about a better tool for removing pubic hair - safely and pleasurably.

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