How To Shave Your Body Trunk

"I Really Like You", She Said

"The thing is", she said "I really like you, I really do".

"But ... " I replied.

"I don't know how to say this, but you are too hairy. Your body ... If you want to go out with me you have to learn how to shave your trunk".

A few moments later we hung up.

Phew. I felt uncomfortable, annoyed and challenged.

This was not the first time that someone had said to me I had too much hair. But it was the first time someone refused to go out with my because of that.

It certainly stung and got my back up. I have always been one of those guys who rises up to a challenge. And this was a challenge.

I sat staring at my navel. My hairy navel. As I became absorbed in my own thoughts, I began to pluck the hairs from my stomach, one by one.

I suddenly returned to my senses and found the sheets covered with hair and a very tender stomach.

I also realized that there was a lot more hair to go. Far too much. The ones I had pulled out made not a speck of difference.

I got out of bed and went to the shower. In there I started to shave round my middle. I soon found myself in a sort of controlled frenzy of activity as I shaved. I couldn't stop and began nicking my skin in a couple of places as I went faster and faster; losing patience with a continuously clogged razor.

I had to stop - I was on the verge of hurting myself.

With a supreme effort I turned of the shower and stepped out.

As I dried myself, my hands kept coming back to my navel. I saw myself in the mirror and realized I looked utterly ridiculous; a half shaven stomach and a very hairy chest. I looked as if some sort of monster had taken a bite out of me.

There was no way I would go to the beach that day; or any other day in the foreseeable future.

Eventually I dresses and covered myself. All the time I was trying to gather my nerve while trying to steady myself for the next bout of shaving.

My brother arrived, beaming energy and good spirits, and demanded we go to the beach. No way. Instead I told him, or rather, I showed him my pathetic story.

He laughed and took of his shirt. Amazing not a hair in sight.

So with the help of my brother and his electric shaver, a short while later I was a hairless hunk of a man.

We cleaned the bathroom (there was an enormous amount of hair lying around), and went to the beach - after applying an enormous amount of sunblock, which had the added advantage of making my muscles shine.

I was walking tall - ready to take on any challenge.

We bumped, accidentally on purpose, into a group of friends, including my friend from the phone.

I actually blushed at all the attention I received.

My phone friend came up to me and asked if I wanted to go out that night.

"The thing is I like you, I really do ... but your hair is too short".

As I said, I am a man who loves a challenge, but there is no way I will go out with a girl who is only after my body!

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