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Men are different than women. And not in just the obvious ways. Hair removal is an excellent example. Back hair removal products for men need to be designed for men, and their unique physical characteristics.

Although several common methods of hair removal can be and are used by both men and women, there are cultural and social implications to consider as well.


Wax and similar materials remain popular back hair removal products for men. Waxing can be done either in a beauty salon or you can do it yourself at home.

Hot wax is spread on the hair to be removed and a sturdy piece of cloth is put on top of the molten wax. After the wax hardens, you grab the cloth strip and pull the hairs out by the roots.

Pulling hair out by the roots causes a sharp but bearable pain. A possible side effect is that the skin may become red and irritated. There are some newer back hair removal products for men that use gels instead of hot wax, but the procedure works the same way.

If you do your own waxing at home, don't forget that waxed skin can be raw and sensitive. After using wax or similar back hair removal products, men should apply an anti-bacterial substance like witch hazel to minimize skin irritation and infection.

Do not use alcohol-based substances like after shave. The alcohol will only burn and evaporate too quickly to provide the needed protection against infection.


Not limited only to women, depilatory creams are chemical hair removal products for men too. Depilatories work by actually dissolving the hair and work best on fine hair. The most common use of depilatories is for removing hair from the legs.

Make sure you test these kinds of back hair removal products on the back of your hand first. The chemicals in depilatory creams may cause skin irritations and burns, especially on sensitive skin areas.

If your hair is thick or coarse, depilatories may not be the best back hair removal products. For men and their usually coarser hair, depilatories may result in less than optimal results. Depilatory creams are not recommended for removing hair from the genital areas of either men or women.


Epilators are rarely used as back hair removal products for men. Unlike waxing, few men have adopted this, "woman's", method of getting rid of unwanted back hair. This is mainly due to how an epilator works.

They work similar to an electric razor, except that there are rotating rows of tweezers which grab and pull hairs out by the roots instead of cutting them with rotating blades.

Think of a rotary epilator as tweezers on steroids.

Unless you're a masochist, using an epilator to remove more than a small amount of hair can result in more pain than it's worth. Using one on your genitals is pretty risky - There is a high probability of catching some real sensitive skin.


The shaver is the easiest, fastest, and most comfortable of all back hair removal products for men. Millions of men worldwide shave their face, back, chest, and pubic areas every day. Men are experienced shavers and most have been shaving since puberty.

The ultimate do it yourself back hair removal products for men are personal shavers. Not razors. A personal shaver has no exposed blades or other sharp surfaces.

Learn more about how a personal shaver can take care of all your hair removal needs, anywhere on your body. Fast, smooth, and painless - even on your genitals.

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