Back Hair Removal Products - Can Hairless Be Painless?

Are you embarrassed by hair on your back? You're not alone. Many males and females of all ages are looking for unwanted back hair removal products for a variety of reasons. Mostly due to social acceptance or for aesthetic reasons.

Back hair can be be removed effectively with several different products. Each of these back hair removal products has varying cost, comfort, and pain factors to consider before choosing.

Although all products described below can be used by both men and women, not all products are equally effective or necessarily recommended for both genders.


Epilators work like an electric razor, except that instead of cutting the hair with sharp rotating blades, several rows of rotating tweezers grab and rip hairs out by the roots. These devices are not as effective when used on large areas of thick hair.

Pulling hairs out by the roots can be painful and is the main reason that epilators are seldom used as back hair removal products for people with thick back hair.

Bleaching Creams

Unwanted body hair can be made to appear less visible with bleaching creams. Bleaching changes the color of the back hair enough to blend in with your skin. Sort of like camouflage for back hair.

Bleaching creams are technically not back hair removal products, since the back hair is not actually removed. But they can be quite effective at making back hairs light enough to blend in with the surrounding skin.

People with dark or tanned skin may have less success with bleaching creams due to the contrast between the dark skin and the lighter bleached hair.


Another common class of back hair removal products is depilatory creams. The chemicals in the cream dissolve the exposed back hair above the skin.

Depending on your skin sensitivity, you may experience redness or even burns, especially on sensitive skin areas. You should speak with your dermatologist before applying depilatory creams.


The common razor is the most widely known back hair removal product. Most males and females have experience using razors on their face, legs, and/or underarms. Using a razor to remove back hair works the same as on those other body areas.

The main difference is the size and contour of the back and the likelihood of cuts, scrapes, and razor burn. It's hard to see and reach certain parts of your back, and this increases the possibility that you will cut yourself.


The personal shaver is the fastest, simplest, and most comfortable of all back hair removal products to use. Men and women worldwide shave their face, back, chest, and pubic areas with personal shavers every day.

A personal shaver has no exposed blades or other sharp surfaces, which is a big advantage over standard wet shaving razors. It is not an electric razor either. Electric razors have moving exposed blades and personal shavers do not.

The ultimate do it yourself back hair removal products are personal shavers. Learn more about how a personal shaver can take care of all your hair removal needs, anywhere on your body. Fast, smooth, and painless - Even on your back.

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