Back Hair Removal Treatment Options

Proud of your thick back hair? Remove your shirt and try this experiment the next time you're on vacation in Hawaii, (or anywhere else). Run down the beach. Even better, run through the bushes.

This headline is guaranteed to be in the morning newspaper: "Sasquatch Spotted At Waikiki Beach".

"Honey, did you see me on the news last night?"

Okay, everyone dreams of being famous - But not because of enough unwanted back hair to weave a rug. Maybe you're the exception, but most people would rather be looking at their back hair removal treatment options instead of themselves on some fuzzy video.

Popular Back Hair Removal Treatments

Laser back hair removal treatments are done using a special laser beam. Hair absorbs the laser beam's energy, but the surrounding skin does not. This allows the laser to destroy the back hair but not the skin. This procedure produces a moderate amount of pain and skin irritation.

Laser back hair removal is a less effective treatment for people with dark or tanned skin and they require more sessions than lighter skinned people. This is because the darker skin absorbs more of the laser energy which means less energy is available to destroy the unwanted back hair.

Laser back hair removal treatments cost around $500 per application according to the Institute of Laser Medicine in Los Angeles. Several treatments are required for successful hair removal on all parts of the body, except small areas such as the upper lip.

Depending on skin color and amount of back hair, complete back hair removal normally requires at least 4 treatments.

Electrolysis is a back hair removal treatment that works similar to laser back hair removal. The difference is that a certified electrologist sticks a needle under your skin, directly into the back hair follicle. The specialized equipment then sends an electric charge through the needle.

The electric charge destroys the hair at the root so that new hair will not grow back. This method is the most permanent back hair removal treatment, but you will need plenty of time and money to completely remove unwanted back hair.

Every single back hair must be removed individually and you would need regular visits to a certified professional for several months before all back hair could be removed.

You can also purchase a home electrolysis kit, but this is strongly discouraged because improper use can easily cause serious skin damage.

Depilatory creams are another common back hair removal treatment and dissolve the hair above the skin. The chemicals in depilatory creams may cause skin irritations and burns, especially on sensitive skin areas.

You will experience a new appreciation for that Johnny Cash song, "The Ring of Fire", if you use depilatories on your genital area. Highly discouraged.

Waxing is the oldest back hair removal treatment and was used by Egyptians centuries ago. Hot wax is spread evenly on the skin and a strip of cloth is pressed into the wax. After the wax hardens, the hairs are yanked out by the roots.

This causes a sharp pain and the skin can become red and irritated. There are some newer products on the market that use gels instead of hot wax, but the process is the same. If you do waxing at home, be sure to use an astringent to prevent skin infections.

While all of the back hair removal treatment options above will successfully remove unwanted back hair, there is another inexpensive, safe, and even enjoyable option.

If you've got too much fuzz, give it a buzz.


Learn what the native islanders from Maui, Hawaii know about back this back hair removal treatment and what to use to get a smooth hairless back.

You won't read about Sasquatch being seen on Maui!

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