Men Shaving Pubic Hair Quiz Show

It's only a matter of time before this fast growing male trend becomes a category on Jeopardy! Remember where you heard it predicted first when you hear these words on television, "Alex, I'll take men shaving pubic hair for $400, please."

Maybe even a special edition like the Tournament of Champions is on the horizon. Test your knowledge of pubic hair shaving with this sample quiz.

Gentlemen, start your shavers.

1. Does shaving men's pubic hair improve hygiene?

There are many benefits for a man shaving his pubic hair. Most men find that their pubic area is drier and cooler after removing their pubic hair.

Pubic hair collects sweat and other body fluids that give off strong odors. The warm moist pubic hair provides ideal conditions for bacteria and fungus to grow.

It is much easier for men to wash and keep their genitals and entire pubic area clean when they remove their pubic hair. Shaving men's pubic hair significantly reduces the chance of getting jock itch or, "crotch rot".

2. Can shaving their pubic hair improve men's sex life?

Absolutely. Men look neater after shaving pubic hair and their lovers really appreciate this.

Their partner will be more willing to perform oral sex when they know they won't get any pubic hairs caught in their teeth.

Shaving your pubic hair is erotic. The act of shaving men's pubic hair is a sensuous and enjoyable experience. There are many nerve endings in the genital area that are stimulated by men shaving their pubic hair.

With their lover shaving men's pubic hair, the experience is highly erotic for both. Men shaving pubic hair with their partner enjoy the perfect foreplay to a fantastic sexual experience.

3. True or false? A male's penis appears larger after shaving his pubic hair.

True. Pubic hair covers up almost 25% of a male's penis, from the base. You're getting short changed here, guys.

Shaving men's pubic hair makes that previously unseen length visible. Imagine how your lover will react when they notice!

4. Is it safe to shave the scrotum and penis?

Positively. You have to be careful, just like when shaving your face. The Final Jeopardy question will test your knowledge on the best way for men to shave pubic hair.

Men shaving the pubic hair from their penis and scrotum find that the smooth skin is much more sensuous and excitable than before.

Their partners are also turned on by caressing the newly soft and sensuous area.

Final Jeopardy

Well done! It's time for the most important question of the day. Knowing the answer to this one will guarantee you the most satisfying pubic hair shave imaginable.

Which specialized device is perfect for shaving men's pubic hair?

Not even that guy who won over two million dollars knows everything about shaving men's pubic hair. For that you need to hear what the pubic hair removal experts have to say.

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